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Why should you buy a Used Engine?

It's a bad day to realise that your car needs a new engine. You have to decide if your car is worth repairing. Sometimes it is. It may make more sense to invest the money you spend on a new engine in a replacement vehicle.
Only you can decide which option is best for you. If you fix it, you don't have to pay the full retail price of the new engine. You can save a lot of money by buying second-hand goods. Used car parts are much cheaper than new ones. Buying a used engine allows you to get back on the road without spending too much money on car repairs.

1. Is the Company Reputable?

There are plenty of junkyard scams going on. Before purchasing anything from any website, take a few minutes to look them up online. Check for any information you can find, including certifications, awards, and reviews. RTS Auto Parts is a proud member of Automotive Recyclers Association. You can also check out our company information and reviews on Google.

2. What’s the Mileage on the Engine, and How Old Is It?

The mileage of an engine makes a difference in its life. Engines with more miles are usually cheaper, but may not last that long.

3. Will This Engine Work in My Vehicle?

You don’t need an identical match to find a compatible engine. Often manufacturers used the same engine for several years, or in different models of cars. Our agents can help figure out engines that perfectly fit your car.

4. What’s the Warranty?

You don’t want to purchase a used engine without a warranty. Check around and see what is covered, and how long the warranty lasts. Make sure to ask if there are any conditions on the warranty.

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(888) 787-5603/ (781) 787-2755

Free Assistance: Contact Us
(888) 787-5603/
(781) 787-2755

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